Vending Solutions

Vending offers many opportunities and advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can start small, and add machines as your cash flow increases; it’s low maintenance, and you can run your entire business from home.

And with technological advances such as plug-and-play remote management systems and debit and credit card readers as optional extras, much of the physical handling has been streamlined. What’s more, you can partner with a company that helps individuals with every aspect of setting up and running an independent service, including recommendations on how and when to expand and what equipment is needed for various sites in order to obtain the highest returns. Vending Solutions is one such company, and with 20 years’ industry experience, you can rely on their expertise when it comes to strategic planning for the future, while you get on with the day-to-day management of your business.

The Vending Solutions’ turnkey approach leaves you with the manageable job of installing the vending machine, keeping it stocked and collecting the cash. Vending Solutions supplies an enormous range of brand new and refurbished machines, as well as the option to rent equipment. They are also set apart in the fact that they supply coffee machines and water coolers, making them the sole supplier choice to many businesses, and are the only company in the local market which has the ability to customise its machines. With customers wanting many alternative items such as razor blades, healthy snacks, fresh food and safety equipment just to mention a few, Vending Solutions’ customisation department will allow just about any item to be stocked. Factories, hospitals, fitment centres, business reception areas, schools and offices are all filled with people looking for a quick on-the-go snack, and as vending machines offer the perfect answer to this demand, it makes sense that their popularity continues to grow. And as the African market opens up, there are further exciting developments on the cards.

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