Icon Vending

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Icon Vending offers a wide range of vending machines to aspiring entrepreneurs who can see the value in investing in a machine that works 24/7; essentially generating passive income. Icon Vending specialises in snack and beverage machines with different models to suit your specific needs.

As part of their extended service, Icon Vending are also well-known for their supply of the finest high-tech display coolers. Vending solutions include on-site placements, being fully operated & managed by Icon Vending at no cost to company. All customer complaints and queries are directed to their dedicated call line clearly displayed on the vendor. Any money lost to a customer/employee due to machine malfunction is directly refunded by competent vending machine merchandisers. Merchandisers stock these vendors on a regular basis in correlation to sales. All vendors installed are either new or completely refurbished.

For more information, contact Wehan or Pieter for sales or to find out if your business qualifies for a 24/7 snack shop.

Wehan: Call 064 900 2184 or email: wehan@iconvending.co.za
Pieter: Call 082 495 2858 or email pieter@iconvending.co.za
Visit: www.iconvending.co.za