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Excell Catering Equipment was established by Sean Kriel in Kimberley in 2000 and has grown to become a highly reputable and recognised supplier of commercial catering equipment. Joined by Barry Minopetros in 2003, Excell is able to offer its franchisees and customers support in the truest sense of the word. The company has a code of ethics aimed at having a positive impact on all with whom it deals by demonstrating fundamental life skills and values, integrity, honesty, openness and radiating a positive attitude.

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Deserving candidates are invited to join the company as franchisees, helping to grow the brand to become the biggest and best in South Africa, and to carry forward the company’s high standards. Excell Catering Equipment also supplies all the the complete packages for small business start-ups to start their own Take-Aways, Shisa Nyama’s, Bakeries, and more.

Henry Kriel

Testimony from Port Elizabeth Franchisee
Testimony – Henry Kriel, Port Elizabeth Franchise

“My previous background involved owning a photographic business, where business came from customers entering our store. However when it came to a catering business, we needed to go and find the business. I found that knowledge of products was vitally important and necessary, as well as having an established web site. Excell Catering Equipment was able to give me this support. Their product knowledge and expertise where to find quality and alternatively well priced items allowed me to make more profit on a sale. I found Sean especially knowledgeable and helpful on the above. Barry on the other hand, is not only knowledgeable but also a genius when helping with kitchen layouts. I also received continued support and advice from both Barry and Sean.” Chat to Henry on  041 364 1816 or 082 903 9395.

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Tel 083 235 0169, email excell@isat.co.za or visit: www.excellcatering.co.za