Engel & Völkers

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Founded in 1977, Engel & Völkers has become a worldwide market leader in the real estate industry. We have long been innovative trailblazers in the industry, and since 1998 we have continuously expanded as a real estate franchise business.

We specialised in the sale and rental of premium residential property, commercial real estate, yachts and aircrafts. We are based in over 700 locations, offering both private and institutional clients a professionally tailored range of services. Leasing, sales, consultancy and valuations form the core competences of the staff of more than 11,000 employees. The company is currently operating in over 34 countries on 4 continents.

Step into the world of real estate with an investment in an Engel & Völkers franchise. Once you take on one of our franchises, we provide you with franchise support in the form of our corporate design. From your franchise’s façade to the letterhead you use in your franchise’s correspondence, you have access to our recognizable brand and our network of franchises.

Intensive training schemes in our in-house real estate Academy and the high level of quality assurance governing its systematically structured service provision are key factors that account for the company’s success. This, in turn, will greatly contribute to the success of your franchise from the moment you open for business.

Our business is your business: peruse our online merchandising shop to ascertain which of our brand services and products are best suited to fulfil your requirements, both for your team and for your franchise. You also receive a premium gift with Engel & Völkers branding, the ideal way of establishing a lasting business connection with each of your clients. Our web-based printing shop facilitates the process of developing your own marketing tools just as quickly as you can generate ideas and marketing campaigns. In short, our online services offer the best conditions to march toward success with an Engel & Völkers real estate franchise!

Email: NewBusiness@engelvoelkers.co.za or visit: www.engelvoelkers.com/south-africa

FB Tag: @engelvolkersZA
Twitter handle: @engelvolkersZA or #engelvolkersZA
Instagram: #engelvolkersZA

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