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minichess franchisesInnovative education business franchise opportunities available.

Serving the fast-changing demands of the 21st Century workplace.

MiniChess is a play-innovation program linked to mathematics and entrepreneurial STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills development from the early ages.

Minichess franchiseThe MiniChess Franchise focusses on delivering the award-winning MiniChess program for young minds between 4-9 years of age. MiniChess is not a simple chess coaching program. Apart from learning the game, MiniChess is designed to use complex, creative and dynamic play, innovative mini-games, storytelling and active engagement to develop critical skills such as higher-order thinking skills, socio-emotional skills and number/STEM-skills.

Former world chess-champion, Grand Master Garry Kasparov, calls MiniChess “the most scientific program in the world, linking chess with education”.

Business start-up is easy, low-risk and working hours are flexible:

Starting up

After completing the initial 2-day MiniChess program training, receiving the Start-up Pack and marketing support, the Franchisee is fully equipped and can start presenting to clients including parents, schools, pre-schools, clubs, etc – anywhere with children between 4-9 years.

Working hours

It is a flexi-time business where the Franchisee will structure class-times in collaboration with the client.

Working space

No need for for expenses such as venue or working space hiring, as MiniChess classes are presented at the client’s location.


The cost of the franchise is R75 000 upfront, which covers all initial MiniChess training, all equipment, licenced-rights for a specific geographical region, marketing and admin/business support, MiniChess Franchisee Symposium, etc.  Annual renewal is at 10%
of the current franchise selling price.

Brand management and ongoing support

The MiniChess Brand and IP is registered on 5 continents. After the initial 2-day training course, Franchisees receive ongoing training and mentoring.

Who is the MiniChess Franchise suited to?

People who want to work with young children between the ages of 4-9 years, will enjoy this business. No chess pre-knowledge is required, but a background in education will be useful.Dedicated people, purpose-driven and passionate about community impact, who can communicate well. The first step is to meet with the Franchisor before starting the FASA-prescribed steps (CPA-driven). Contact:

Income projection

  1. The MiniChess Franchise business generates a repetitive monthly income over 10 months/year (February to November) over 5 income streams. Income is determined by the number of clients.
  2. MiniChess Franchisees’ income is directly linked to their marketing activity and service effectivity.



The MindCo Franchise – another innovative opportunity

Harnessing the most powerful energy in the world, HUMAN CAPACITY, to thrive in a
fast-changing world.

Training: A new franchisee will need to complete the 5-day Trainer course and acquire the prescribed materials and equipment, as well as marketing gear.

Prospective clients are serviced at various levels:

  • MindCo for Corporate- & Team Leadership.
  • MindCo for Young Professionals.
  • MindCo Junior for Youth Leaders & Young Leadership development.

Program implementation: Short courses of 12 MindCo sessions are presented according to the client’s preferred schedule, venue and other specified needs.

Franchise cost: Franchise rights are not area specific, and cost R149 000 upfront, with a R20 000 annual licence renewal fee.

Who is suitable as MindCo Franchisee?

Purpose-driven individuals with a professional background and an inclination towards team coaching, empowerment, leadership or corporate coaching, will fit well. It is a prerequisite that the MindCo franchisee be an accomplished communicator.

Income-projection: The MindCo franchise is a high-revenue business, and income is determined by the number of clients. The franchisees’ income is directly linked to their marketing activity and service effectivity.

Take your first step and meet with the Franchisor before starting the FASA-prescribed procedures (CPA-driven). Email:

Minichess franchise






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