Tapping into the ‘full potential’ market with Edublox.

Regardless of the state of an economy or social and educational challenges in a country, there is one universal trait that all parents covet: to see their children thrive and blossom into upstanding citizens with personal and professional purpose.

Edublox is a research-based provider of specialised reading, maths and learning services. Edublox focuses on educational interventions comprising of cognitive training, reading, spelling, comprehension and maths – and has an important role to play in helping children achieve their full potential. For some, this may mean overcoming reading and learning difficulties; for average students, it might lie in that extra push to help them become top achievers.

Edublox franchise opportunityA second generation family business, Edublox has more than 35 years’ experience in the educational field. Since its inception in 1979, over 150,000 people in approximately forty countries have benefitted from Edublox, and the website hosts more than 760 success stories from thankful parents.

There are currently more than 45 outlets across Southern Africa, and the footprint is constantly expanding to accommodate as many children as possible and to connect them with reading and learning help and support.

Edublox is looking for A+ applicants who love and communicate well with children to join our dynamic team of franchisees. Ideal candidates preferably hold a qualification in education and preferably have some working/teaching experience with primary school learners. Prospective franchisees are disciplined self-starters with a high level of personal integrity, good organisational skills and scheduling abilities. Our franchisees feel passionate about helping children to achieve their full potential, and believe they have an important role to play in facilitating this to the benefit of the learners, their families, and the nation as a whole.

For more information, call: 081 774 0170, email:, or visit:

Edublox franchise opportunity

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