Chip ‘n Dip

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Based on a highly successful Dutch concept ‘Patat Frit’, Chip ‘n Dip was born in 1995 in Cape Town. The concept is simplicity in itself, with fried potato chips covered in delicious sauces, served in a unique cone shaped container.

These mouth-watering dips are what makes them unique in the market. With 14 different and well-loved dips, Chip ‘n Dip aims to satisfy taste buds and keeps customers coming back for more. The patented checkered red and white cone makes Chip ‘n Dip recognisable and assures the customer of quality.

Chip ‘n Dip originally started out as a mobile vending concept and grew to stores, both stand alone and Co-Branded outlets. Today they boast a range of different products that can be added to your Chip ‘n Dip, or sold on their own. Chip ‘n Dip’s experience and expertise is evident in their effective yet simple franchise concept and head office prides themselves in training the franchisee very effectively which enhances the end users experience.

The first franchise was established in 1990 and the brand and the products associated have moved from strength to strength since then. Chip ‘n Dip now has in excess of 100 franchisees. The franchise outlets take the form of convenient mobile units or fixed sites which are instantly recognisable.

Why choose Chip ‘n Dip?

Profitability: The simplistic approach to business allows for an effective business concept, this yields favourable profits and R.O.I. The franchise also has an unmatched investment opportunity as well as low overheads. Initial capital investment required is between R24 000 excl. VAT and R299 000 excl. VAT.

Popularity: Over 90% of the Western world is familiar with French fries as a snack offering or accompanying a meal, no matter what age, creed or colour people enjoy this product. The unique patented red checkered cone packaging used is very effective and recognisable allowing the brand to be in a competitive position in relation to other brands; this creates a wide consumer interest as well as repeat purchases.

Accessibility: Location is imperative, any suitable location where the target market can be acquired. Via continuous marketing with a main focus on our core Brand, Chip ‘n Dip and Brand affiliates Dancing Doughnut Factory, Doughnut Pops, Hot Dippity Dog and Chip Twister have become well known within a short span of time and can be utilised on their own or to customise an event.

Training: Training is provided on site by our head office staff in accordance with all aspects of business operations.

Are you a match?

Chip ‘n Dip are looking for franchisees with the following qualities:

  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Hard-working and committed to personally operating a business.
  • Have business and marketing know-how
  • Enjoys being part of a wider network
  • Be able to operate according to the franchise agreement
  • Be responsible for creating opportunities and have the initiative to be visible at events.
  • Promote the brand to the fullest in a positive nature.

If you fit the above profile, then we look forward to including you as part of our established franchise family!  Email: | | Call: 011 454 4018