3@1 Business Centres

2017 was a bumper year for the 3@1 group; with expansion into Africa and in all areas of the business. This well-established retail opportunity offering a strong selection of services like graphic design, fast digital printing, wide format printers for hard-hitting poster campaigns and eye-catching marketing, business cards and flyers. Now boasting more than 76 franchises with a proven business model, developed and refined over 20 years, 3@1 also ensures that the customer’s Courier and Photo printing needs are met due to cemented relationships with DHL International and Kodak Express Easy needs are covered.

In terms of format options, the kiosk offering was introduced last year, with franchisees now having three set-up options to choose from. The 3@1 Business Centre kiosk can be established in any major food retailer, in a service station, or as an independent 3@1 Kiosk in a regional mall. Existing 3@1 Business Centre Express and 3@1 Standard Store options remain popular choices.

Ahead of the trend
The 3@1 head office team is always evaluating retail trends to access technological advancements that can be incorporated into their model. Customers can download the Kodak Moments app and then easily edit and manipulate photos before printing them; they can assemble and print photobooks on the spot, and with a few clicks put a collage together for immediate print via the in-store wide format printers. 3@1 stores now also help their customers to register businesses, obtain VAT clearance and many other SARS services. Another new addition is 3@1 Business Centre franchise very own counter-to-counter Courier service offering via Dawn Wing.

Last year saw the brand’s expansion into several African countries such as Zambia, starting with the conversion process of several PostdotNet stores, as well as the establishment of more shops in Kampala, Uganda. A second mega 3@1 Business Centre franchise opened in Windhoek’s Mega Centre and 3@1 Walvis Bay franchisees are now welcomed.

The concept set-up is affordable at under R1 million, with a simple business model to follow and the lowest royalties in the market. Another benefit of the 3@1 Business Centre franchise set-up is the low cost of sales. Opportunities nationwide, into Africa and Worldwide.

Call¬†0861 359 834, sms your email address and “3@1” to 079 118 0766, email:¬†enquiries@3at1.co.za or visit: www.3at1.co.za