Snap-on Tools Dealerships

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Snap-on Tools dealershipsSnap-on Tools dealerships are available nationwide. Invest in a brand that’s renowned for delivering personalised, professional service…right at the customer’s place of work.

Snap-on Incorporated is a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostic and equipment solutions for professional tool users. Since 1920, when Snap-on first developed the interchangeable socket wrench, the name “Snap-on” has been recognised as the leader in providing the finest quality tools and equipment for the professional technician. Snap-on first entered the international arena in 1931 and today has a presence in over 130 countries around the globe.

Snap-on Tools dealerships

During this time, Snap-on pioneered and perfected the idea of direct sales to technicians, right at their place of business, while providing credit programmes so they could purchase the tools that would build their business. The company still does that today, and as a leading marketer of tool and equipment solutions, Snap-on provides aspiring business owners with an opportunity to partner with a financially strong company with an outstanding reputation for quality, service and innovation. If you are seriously considering an investment in a business, give yourself the benefit of starting with an established industry leader, and join the over 4500 dealers worldwide that represent the Snap-on brand of high-quality merchandise.

Snap-on Tools dealerships on offer

Snap-on dealers are offered the opportunity to purchase high-quality tools manufactured and distributed by Snap-on at a discount from suggested retail prices, and to re-sell those products at recommended prices. Dealers call on their customers each week within an allocated territory, which include a wide variety of businesses such as auto dealerships, independent repair shops, auto-electricians, body shops and others. Dealers need to have a suitable van (approved by Snap-on Africa) with the Snap-on designed tool display area to encourage impulse buying. This “Showroom on wheels” also allows you to take products right to your customer’s place of business and deliver that personalised, professional service associated with the Snap-on brand.

A successful Snap-on dealership requires hard work, planning and the development of personal relationships with customers. As a Snap-on dealer, you will enjoy a professional and respected position in the tool industry with good income potential.

Support to succeed

One of the most important steps in getting a new business off to a good start is training. After a rigorous week in the classroom learning the basics of the business, new dealers will be assigned a Sales Development Manager (SDM) and a Diagnostic Sales Developer (DSD). The SDM or DSD accompanies dealers on their route for an initial period of two to three weeks, to assist with training in the day-to-day aspects of the business. During this in-territory training period the SDM or DSD covers sales training, product knowledge, van display, credit programme management, policies and procedures and record keeping.

The good news is that the training doesn’t stop there; the SDM &/or DSD continue with on-going support, holding regular Field Group Meetings to discuss all aspects of the business; including new initiatives, promotional programmes, and developing product knowledge.

Snap-on Tools dealerships

Getting the word out
Snap-on spends thousands of Rands each year to promote Snap-on products and the Snap-on brand through sales and marketing campaigns. However, unlike many companies that charge their dealers an additional fee for advertising, Snap-on provides advertising and promotions as part of its service. Some of the promotional arenas that the Snap-on marketing department is involved in includes media and trade publications, sales contests and promotions, promotional products, weekly promotions backed up by electronic marketing material & printed summaries of items on promotion once a month. These are all designed to help dealers grow their business; with Head Office realising that their own success as a company depends on the success of its dealers.

A strategically planned DEMO VAN programme exists currently, and is available to participating Dealers to show case other Snap-on product to their customers that they wouldn’t ordinarily have available in their own stock holding. Take a virtual tour of the current demo van by visiting

Snap-on dealerships have the opportunity to invite their customers to regular seminars to learn from experts in the field of Diagnostics & to expose their customers to the latest range of Snap-on Diagnostic & similar equipment.

The investment cost of Snap-on dealerships depends on one’s circumstances and there are a few options available. However, the minimum amount of cash available to invest must be no less than R150 000. Applicants must also have their own panel vans. A Sales Development Manager (SDM) will explain costs, panel van preferences, and options available at an initial meeting.

Buying a business is a serious undertaking and a decision that must not be rushed. That is why Snap-on makes no excuses for having a lengthy application programme that not only includes a number of meetings, but also a minimum of three days spent with existing dealers in their territories. With many unique features that sets it apart from other opportunities on the market (including being an established company with a comprehensive product line, on-going training and assistance, financing and credit assistance programmes), a Snap-on mobile dealership is well worth investigating.

What type of person does this business suit?
Like all owner-operated businesses, Snap-on dealerships requires a highly motivated individual to make a success of this opportunity, and although a person who is technically savvy, with sales experience could be better suited to this business, this is by no means a pre-requisite. Support in the form of a family member to assist with the everyday running of the business, and perhaps the book-keeping & reporting side would also be an advantage.

What expansion opportunities are available?
Snap-on dealerships offers successful owners the opportunity to apply for a second territory. This is quite common in other countries where the dealership is well established. It is not uncommon for the original business owner to have invested in a second territory for a family member or sibling. This option would need to be considered very carefully and in collaboration & with final approval by Snap-on management.

For more information about owning and operating your own Snap-On Mobile Dealership, contact the Business Manager on 031 569 7637, or visit:

Snap-on dealerships